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TULARE, CA, OCTOBER 16, 2019 – The Progressive Agriculture Foundation® is on a crusade to bring safety and health information to the farming communities who desperately need it. Many in agriculture know someone whose life has been affected by a farm-related injury

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Hemp Education & Marketing Pavilion to debut at 2020 World Ag Expo®

Tulare, CA – September 30, 2019 – Used in more than 25,000 products globally, industrial hemp was reintroduced to US agriculture thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. Interest in hemp has grown nationwide, and according to a December 2018 Forbes magazine

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First Tulare County Agribee to be held at International Agri-Center®

Tulare, CA • March 15, 2019 –The International Agri-Center® is hosting the first Tulare County Agribee for fifth grade students on Tuesday, March 19 starting at 9:00 a.m. The Agribee will be held in the Conference Dining Room on the second floor of the Heritage Complex.

New to Tulare County, the Agribee is a define and spell competition using agriculturally related words. The contest promotes agriculture education in schools and gives students a rewarding opportunity to learn about the agriculture all around them. The program originated in Butte County with the local Farm Bureau office.

Kerissa Chapman, Ag Education Manager at the International Agri-Center®, is excited to bring the competition to Tulare County. She stated, “The Agribee is an interesting way to help local students learn more about agriculture by spelling ag related words and defining them. We have 16 competitors in our first year and a great lineup of contest officials.”

Local fifth grade classes held individual Agribees to determine the students who would compete at the County Level competition at the International Agri-Center®. Two fifth grade students will participate from each of the following schools: Tipton Elementary, Sundale Elementary, Liberty Elementary, George McCann, Palo Verde Elementary, Pixley Elementary, Buena Vista Elementary and St. Aloysius School. Steve LaMarr will serve as the Word Caller and Emcee, while the Agribee Judges will be Ray Van Beek, Dr. Louann Waldner and Karen Musson.

The event is made available to local fifth teachers and students in area school districts by invitation only. Media outlets are welcome to cover the private event.

The International Agri-Center® is located at 4500 S. Laspina St. in Tulare, CA. The Agribee will take place in the Conference Dining Room on the second floor of the Heritage Complex.




International Agri-Center® is home to the AgVentures!® Learning Center and Museum, World Ag Expo®, the California Antique Farm Equipment Show®, and the Harvest Festival and has a wide range of facility rentals available for any size event.

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