The International Agri-Center®

Welcome to the International Agri-Center®, known for World Ag Expo® and California Antique Farm Equipment Show®. The International Agri-Center® is also home to the AgVentures!® Learning Center, facility rentals and much more.

A Non-Profit Organization

The International Agri-Center® is a non-profit corporation formed in 1976 to produce World Ag Expo® and to promote California’s agriculture industry.

The International Agri-Center® Leaders

The International Agri-Center® is led by an all-volunteer board of directors; has a full-time staff and more than 1,200 volunteers who dedicate their time to World Ag Expo®, the California Antique Farm Equipment Show® and other International Agri-Center® programs.

International Agri-Center® Timeline


The state’s third farm equipment show, The California Field and Row Crop Equipment Show is born. The show was co-sponsored by the Greater Tulare Chamber of Commerce and the University of California Agricultural Extension Service.


In an effort to include all fields of agriculture and farming tools, the show changes the name to California Farm Equipment Show. The first demonstrations of exhibited farm equipment begin.


With a waiting list of 75 exhibitors, many believe the show is outgrowing the Tulare County Fairgrounds. The show continues to grow by 20 spaces.


Beginning in 1979, the show acquired a new name. It became the California Farm Equipment Show and International Exposition. The addition to the original name won the hearty approval of the show committee because of the ever-increasing presence of exhibitors and visitors from around the world.


The first show opens at the International Agri-Center® in Tulare. The grounds provide 80 acres of exhibit space plus 70 acres of parking. Six huge canvas tent pavilions housed indoor exhibits and some 300 other tents gave cover to larger individual displays. A new record of exhibitors, 1,024 sent the count over the 1,000 barrier for the first time. The show also charges its first admission fee, $2 to help finance capital improvements at the new site.


In 2000 the Heritage Complex was completed measuring 76,000 square feet. It was home to the International Business Center, AgVentures!® Learning Center, and Antique Farm Equipment Museum. It was also the location for the International Business Center during World Ag Expo®. The Dairy Center expands to 27,000 square feet, but still sells out.


The show takes on a new name: World Ag Expo®, featuring 52 Exhibitors from 15 foreign nations and the number of International attendees breaks a record. There are nearly 900 attendees from 61 nations in addition to the nearly 600 visitors who pre-registered. Nearly eighty interpreters translated for attendees speaking 55 different languages. A new E-Commerce exhibit area was unveiled to keep up with the fascinations of the Internet. This was no longer the Tulare Show or the California show. The show was officially global.


After 50 years our goals remain the same: connect buyers and sellers in agriculture.


International Agri-Center® Board Presidents

1976 – 1984         Anthony V. Cardoza*
1984 – 1986         Richard Borges*
1986 – 1988         Richard Ortega
1988 – 1990         Robert Uchita
1990 – 1994         Beverly Hill*
1994 – 1997         Richard Rogers*
1997 – 2000         Rick Borges
2000 – 2003         Bob Moore*
2003 – 2006         Jerry Magoon*
2006 – 2009         Charlie Pitigliano
2009 – 2012         David Eddy
2012 – 2015         Steve Wilbur
2015 – 2016         Carla Khal
2016 – 2019         Brian Watte
2019 – current      Dan Khal









World Ag Expo® Chairmen

1968 Kent Kough*
1969 Kent Kough*
1970 Bill Wolfe*
1971 Frank Lagomarsino*
1972 Keith Hutchison*
1973 Neil Huffsmith*
1974 George Serpa
1975 Harvey Lauritzen*
1976 Barton Smith*
1977 Bob Wilbur
1978 Bruce Jones*
1979 Charles Fisher*
1980 Anthony Cardoza*
1981 Richard Borges*
1982 Richard Rogers*
1983 Hildreth Van Houten*
1984 Floyd Philpot*
1985 Alan Dean Mahan*
1986 Bobby Uchita
1987 Clyde Stagner*
1988 Richard Paggi*
1989 Rick Borges
1990 Joe Martin*
1991 Tony Nunes Jr.
1992 Mark Watte*
1993 Jim Luis*
1994 Jill Worley
1995 Bob Moore*
1996 Tom Rayburn
1997 Diane Mathis
1998 Scott Rogers
1999 Jerry Magoon*
2000 Brian Watte
2001 Richard Bramer*
2002 Don Brown*
2003 Dan Khal
2004 Margaret Uchita
2005 Rob Fletcher
2006 Erin Ferguson
2007 Bruce Shannon
2008 Shelley Khal
2009 Paul Simon
2010 Bernie Cargle
2011 Lee Coito
2012 Patty Colson
2013 Joe Raney
2014 Steve Cunha
2015 Allen Klee
2016 Charlie Pitigliano
2017 Harry Peck
2018 Tom Finn
2019 Carla Khal
2020 Jim Parsley
2021 Steve Wilbur

California Antique Farm Equipment Show® Chairmen

1993       George Watte*
1994       George Watte*
1995       Bob Clark
1996       Robby Soults*
1997       Cedric Kleinhans
1998       Clyde Stagner*
1999       Doug Peltzer*
2000       Bobby Uchita
2001       Bob Decraemer*
2002       Paul Simon
2003       Jill Worley
2004       Richard Paggi*
2005       Ron Golbek
2006       Peggy Petersen
2007       Richard Rogers*
2008       Joe Raney
2009       Diane Mathis
2010       Bob Pearcy
2011       Doug Peltzer*
2012       Don Nipp
2013       John Stewart
2014       W Neil Anderson
2015       Jim Smith
2016       Mike Stover
2017       Melvin Monteiro
2018       Tony Ramos
2019       Walter Watte
2020       Cancelled due to COVID-19
2021       Tony Ramos