World Ag Expo® Announces 2015 Top-10 New Product Winners

Results are in for World Ag Expo’s® Top-10 New Products competition. The winners will be showcased February 10-12, 2015 during the 48th annual World Ag Expo® in Tulare, California. A group of judges made up of farmers, ranchers and industry professionals selected the Top-10 New Products.

Macro Plastics Inc. – Hybrid Shipper

This year, one of the products Macros Plastics, Inc. is exhibiting at the show has been selected as a 2015 Top-10 New Products winner. This hybrid shipper is an ultra lightweight, all-plastic bin that allows the user to handle product directly from the field, and store it and ship it in the same bin. Expendable packaging material is eliminated, and cuts down on waste, and is a uniquely inexpensive returnable-reusable shipping bin solution.

Be sure to stop by their booth on “F” Street off of Median Street to see their product.

DeLaval – DeLaval BCS System

Manual BCS (Body Condition Scoring) is time-consuming, does not necessarily detect sudden changes, and data is not collected automatically into herd management software. DeLaval has an answer: the DeLaval BCS system. The system analyzes a cow while moving and is able to accurately, and regularly, calculate the body condition of the cow. The BCS camera is mounted on a DeLaval sort gate or a robotic voluntary milking system and takes a 3D image of the cow’s lower back as it passes under the camera, which is analyzed with DeLaval software. The customer is then able to determine whether the cow is ready for a group change, is at risk of dropping too low at peak lactation, or is in need of adjustment before dry off and calving.

Visit them in the Farm Credit Dairy Center and on Guernsey Lane for a closer look.

Deep Root Irrigation LLC – DRI System

The all-new DRI system from Deep Root Irrigation LLC saves up to 50% water use compared to surface irrigation. There’s no need to get a new emitter-this one attaches to the one you already have, and has multiple advances including: weed growth reduction, evaporation and run-off reduction, promotion of downward root growth, and energy cost reduction. In addition to saving money, water, and energy, the DRI system is durable, lightweight and is able to be installed quickly. The DRI system is designed especially for large agricultural applications, vineyard and tree crops, in particular.  With limited water budgets and increasing future demands on crop production the DRI system offers farmers a solution for the persisting water problem.

Visit them in Pavilion B.

GEA Farm Technologies, Inc. – DairyProQ

This year, GEA Farm Technologies, Inc. is introducing a product, selected for Top-10 New Product honors, that could dramatically change the way dairymen and dairywomen milk and manage their cows, especially on larger operations.

DairyProQ is the world’s first, fully-automated, per stall, robotic rotary milking parlor for large-scale dairies.  Management can now focus attention on other herd management tasks, and cows can benefit from the consistency of being milked the same way at every milking. The DairyProQ module boasts a single attachment with a robotic arm on each stall unit that attaches, preps (pre-dips), fore-strips, stimulates, harvests, and post-dips in liner. The unit is removed and backflushed, effectively sanitizing between cows.  With DairyProQ, producers can increase their herd size without adding new employees.

Learn more about this product at World Ag Expo between South Street and “Q” Street.


A new extermination solution featuring precision engineering and professional grade components has been selected as a 2015 World Ag Expo® Top-10 New Product. MOLECAT was made with groundskeepers, gardeners, homeowners, and the agricultural community in mind. MOLECAT exterminates pests, such as moles and gophers, with blank .27 caliber cartridges, which are fired when the pest comes in contact with the trigger and the internal hammer is released. The powerful blast of the percussion exterminates the pest instantly, and is able to go into all air spaces, which a traditional trap cannot. No digging. No handling dead pests from traps. No poison build-up in the soil. And the MOLECAT is refillable and reusable.

See the MOLECAT in Pavilion A.

Simple Pump – Simple Pump Solar Package

The 2015 World Ag Expo® Top-10 New Products include Simple Pump’s new solar drive system that provides an easy, fully-automated, totally integrated version of their fresh water well hand pump. It is designed to eliminate the need for grid power or manpower to consistently retrieve measured amounts of water on a daily basis as needed. The new Simple Pump Solar Package is particularly ideal for: open range watering stations for livestock, backup in case of a grid failure, any remote living situation, and the person unable to operate a hand pump in an emergency. This solar drive system has been designed to work with any of the existing Simple Pump hand pumps in service, or as part of a first-time purchase of a hand pump, making it a hands-free system.

Stop by Pavilion B to check out this winning product.

Nikkel Iron Works Corp. – Tule River Nut Crowder

Do you want to reduce crop loss and labor? This product aids in the harvesting of any nut crop that is shaken to the ground. The TR521 Nut Crowder effectively does the work of four hand rakers, and reduces labor costs and increases efficiency-it does in seconds what a hand crew can do in several minutes. Also, crop spillage will be eliminated on tight end rows. Anyone who harvests a nut crop and uses mechanical harvesters in tandem with a hand crew can stand to benefit from the Tule River Nut Crowder.

Be sure to stop by between “O” Street and Median Street to see this product.

Curry ToolWorks Corp. – Earth Talon Shovel
Forget hacking away with an ordinary shovel! Curry ToolWorks Corp. provides efficiency and productivity with the addition of the first asymmetrical edge shovel: The Earth Talon Shovel. The added point or “talon” makes breaking into hard, rocky soils easier, and can also aid in weeding, trenching, root ball disassembly, and cutting sod. Because of its point, less surface space impedes penetration of the soil. Three models are available. As Curry ToolWorks says, “It’s a Hole Lot Easier!”

See them in Pavilion A.

PolyExcel, LLC – Polydress O2 Barrier 2in1.

The 2015 Top-10 New Product from PolyExcel, LLC features excellent silage quality control with greater ease of application. The Polydress O2 Barrier 2in1 enables a silage bunker to be covered with a standard layer of sheeting and a true oxygen barrier in just one easy step. Applied to the bunker as just a single sheet, the moisture from the forage causes the oxygen barrier layer (a polyamide) to split away from the standard (poly-ethylene) sheeting layer. While the silage goes through the fermentation process, oxygen is being utilized and as a result, the oxygen barrier sucks down tight to the surface preventing damaging air gaps, etc.  The product is six to 10 times more effective in preventing the damaging effects of oxygen on silage than standard single layer sheeting. This ensures better preservation of higher quality silages by reducing fermentation losses and the risk of mold formation.

See the new product in PolyExcel’s booth in Building C.

Dairy Records Management Systems – Vet Check Maxx

It’s vet check day again. Pull out the clipboard. Write down index numbers, the status, and the last breeding date. Until now: Dairy Records Management Systems simplifies and streamlines vet check day with Vet Check Maxx-just grab an android tablet and go; the cows are identified by a powerful filtering system. The vet can be given all the information on every cow, and quickly enter his or her findings/actions for each cow. Just one screen shows all the general cow information necessary for producers to move quickly through the herd for vet check.

Be sure to check out this product, located in the Farm Credit Dairy Center.

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