World Ag Expo® Announces 2017 Top-10 New Product Winners

Tulare, CA – Results are in for World Ag Expo’s® Top-10 New Products Competition, sponsored by Bank of America. The winners will be showcased February 14-16, 2017, during the 50th anniversary of World Ag Expo® in Tulare, California. A group of judges made up of farmers, ranchers and industry professionals selected the Top-10 New Products.

Afimilk – AfiAct II – Calving Alert Service

This unique service provides Afimilk customers with the ability to receive an alert when any of their cows or heifers have started the process of calving. This is a service provided to Afimilk customers who utilize AfiAct II tags on their dry cows. The service is free of charge, and only requires activation within the software (version AfiFarm 5.1 or higher). Within seven days of activation, calving alerts can be sent automatically to users in the form of SMS (text messages) andor e-mails. These alerts are sent once the system detects the specified changes in an animal’s pattern of behavior. Additional alerts may also be sent, should calving complications occur. Alerts contain basic but important information about the animal, such as: time of detection, her number, group, days pregnant and lactation. There is also a new Calving Animal Report in the AfiFarm software. Once a calving alert is sent, the animal will show in this report with details indicating dry days, days pregnant, time of detection and more. This service provides dairymen with peace of mind and rest, knowing their animals are being closely monitored at all times.

Stop by South Street and “S” Street to check out this winning product.

Automated Ag Systems – Melon Wrangler

The Melon Wrangler is a harvest assist machine that helps to maximize the safety and efficiency of the worker, while protecting the fruit and helping to lower harvest costs. The Wrangler can attach to a trailer, truck or bus in less than one minute. Equipped with two side conveyors, we have eliminated the toss method, which can bruise and damage the fruit as well as cause injuries to the crew. The Wrangler is equipped with two 24 horsepower gas engines that use approximately four gallons of gas in an eight hour work period. Due to the short picking season and the high heat, the Wrangler is equipped with lights allowing for harvesting to be done outside of daylight hours. Growers who use the Melon Wrangler have seen an exponential increase in efficiency during harvest.

Be sure to drop by Expo Lane to see the Melon Wrangler at World Ag Expo®.


Cool-Calf Covers – Cool-Calf Cover Product Series: Cool-Calf Cover™, Warm Calf Cover™, Calf Rescue Blanket™ (Patent Pending)

These covers use the latest in heat reflective and absorptive technology to improve the health, growth and welfare of newborn calves.  Simple to use, they help control for heat and cold stress. Calf hutches can absorb 83% of solar radiation, so heat stress is an unavoidable problem.  Cool-Calf Covers™ reflect 84% of the sun’s heat, resulting in a 10-15 degree reduction in temperatures. Warm-Calf Covers™ absorb 94% of solar heat, while insulating the hutch, reflecting body heat back to the calf and improving temperatures by up to 10 degrees. The covers reduce the stress of varying temperature extremes that calves inevitably experience. Calf-Rescue Blankets™ (Patent Pending) use both reflective and heat absorptive technology to help struggling newborns control body heat fluctuations in varying climates, and can also be used to move the calf.  Anyone involved in calf birth and development can benefit from these products.

Learn more about this product line in the Farm Credit Dairy Center.


J & D Manufacturing, Inc – 72″ Torque Drive Mega Storm II Fan

The 72” Torque Drive Mega Storm II Fan is the first exhaust fan of its size with no belts, pulleys or tensioners! This fan is the highest performing exhaust fan—46,225 CFM at .10 SP—and it still meets the 20.3 CFM/Wt. requirement for many energy rebates. Both dealers and farmers will enjoy virtually no maintenance issues and increased efficiencies with this fan.

Visit them in the Farm Credit Dairy Center for a closer look.

Logan Clutch Corporation – Flexadrive

Flexadrive is a multiple pump drive system that facilitates diesel, diesel-electric and hybrid drives for all sizes of agricultural production equipment. This multiple pump drive system enables you to connect and disconnect hydraulic pumps on demand. Further, it has a power management system that enables you to switch from diesel to hybrid mode much easier than anything else on the market today. Among the list of features, data collection and wifi capability are beneficial for those interested in big data. Flexadrive boasts fuel savings and lower emissions which results in reduced costs and environmental benefits.

Be sure to stop by their booth in Building C to learn more about this product.


Protekta Inc. – X-Zelit

X-Zelit is the answer to preventing clinical and subclinical hypocalcemia in dairy cows. It is added to the close-up ration at the rate of 17.6 ounces per cow, per day, for the 14 days prior to calving. When using X-Zelit, no other methods of prevention are necessary (i.e., calcium supplements or acidification of the ration/DCAD balance). X-Zelit binds excess calcium from the close-up ration in the small intestine. Thereafter, the calcium leaves the cow through her feces. At this point, there is no calcium in the close-up ration available for absorption. This activates the cow’s natural process of mobilizing calcium from her bones/body reserves (triggering her parathyroid hormone). Triggering this process allows her to maintain an optimum calcium level at calving and into lactation. To prevent subclinical hypocalcemia, it is crucial to consistently maintain calcium levels at 8.5 mg/dl (2.15 mmol/l) or higher at calving. X-Zelit is the only product on the market today that is capable of achieving this result.

Visit them in the Farm Credit Dairy Center during World Ag Expo®.


Silostop – SilostopMAX

SilostopMAX has been developed by the creators of the worldwide leading oxygen barrier film. It is an orange on black film that is virtually impermeable to oxygen and, for this reason, prohibits the entry of air into ensiled crops. It is crucial that ensiled crops are stored in an anaerobic environment to prevent energy and dry matter (DM) losses. SilostopMAX is a robust film that complies with CA ARB rule 4750 and is therefore suitable for larger applications. It is easy to handle and apply. It has unique oxygen barrier properties that reduce VOCs and is proven to be over 100 times more effective than conventional silage sheeting.

See this new product in the Farm Credit Dairy Center.

Sutton Ag Enterprises – Ortomec Cleaner 2

The Ortomec Cleaner 2 is an innovative, in-field crop cleaning system. The self-propelled Cleaner 2 cuts crops at variable heights and vacuums away the cut product and foreign material with its high powered suction system. By running the Cleaner 2 through a post-harvest field, the machine enables an increase in the number of harvests on the same seeding bed and the quality of the next crop. This is made possible by removing the residuals of the previous cut, harmful insects and any other unwanted material in the field, while cutting the crop to a uniform height. This allows the crop to regrow in a cleaner and healthier environment, which in turn allows for a reduction of the use of chemicals. Traditionally, the field would be plowed and replanted after a harvest, but with the use of the Cleaner 2 multiple harvests are made possible from the initial seeding, increasing turnaround time and profitability. Additionally, the machine can be used prior to harvesting with just the vacuum system, to remove any material that is not the crop. This prevents foreign materials from being harvested and in turn reduces processing time while increasing food safety.

Stop by “T” Street and Median Street to learn more.


Veda Farming Solutions, Inc. – Scorpion

The Scorpion is a self-propelled automatic weeder that has a built-in frame and engine which allows it to control weeds by carefully cutting the weed at the root, without hurting nearby plants. The Scorpion removes weeds within 1/2 inch around each plant, with hydraulically operated blades. The weeder can be used on as many rows as needed for each bed, with flexible configurations. One single pass is all you will need to get the job done.

See the Scorpion on the corner of “U” Street and Median Street.


Watch Technologies – AutoFlood

AutoFlood completely automates on-farm flood irrigation by retrofitting existing delivery gates with linear actuators that open and close the gates based on sufficiently irrigating fields. AutoFlood completely controls all aspects of flooding, from the time water enters an on-farm canal until flooding is completed. AutoFlood controls delivery gate operations, manages flow in all “checks” or “lands” to nearly eliminate tailwater spill, reduces cost of irrigation labor by 75-90%, reduces water consumption by 5-10%, reduces standing water on crops due to over-flooding, provides real-time data to farmers on progress of irrigation via telemetry and allows a farmer to change system operational parameters remotely.

Learn more about this product at World Ag Expo® in Pavilion B.

The 2017 Top-10 New Products Competition is sponsored by Bank of America.


The International Agri-Center® is home to World Ag Expo®, February 14-16, 2017, in Tulare, California. An estimated annual average of 100,000 individuals from 70 countries attend World Ag Expo® each year. The largest annual agricultural show of its kind, World Ag Expo® hosts 1,500 exhibitors displaying cutting-edge agricultural technology and equipment on 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space. World Ag Expo® will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2017.